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Used Oils Testing for Burn Specifications

Used oils are often burned as a substitute fuel for energy recovery. Due to its previous use, used oil will likely contain contaminants not found in virgin oil, leading to the potential release of unwanted materials into the atmosphere as a result of combustion. The EPA has established maximum concentrations for these contaminants, and Trinity Analytical Laboratories, Inc. will test your used oil to be sure it meets all federal burn specifications. Using EPA 1010 and 6010 B, and ASTM D808, they will test your used motor oil for acceptable levels of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and PCBs as well as total halogens and flashpoint. With an eye to the Clean Air Act and 40 CFR standards, typical results reports can include practical quantitation limits, blanks, matrix spikes, and matrix spike duplicates by Trinity’s NELAC accredited laboratory. Trinity uses their gas chromatographs and atomic absorption spectrophotometers to analyze motor oils, in addition to the analytical testing, environmental quality testing, and safety testing they can also provide. Serving as your consultant, Trinity will perform research for you as well as tackle all permitting and compliance issues. Test reports, QC results, and cover letters to levels 1 through 4 in numerous electronic data deliverable packages are generated for the customer. In addition to EPA requirements, they follow OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, and NESHAP industry standards as well as several state requirements.

If you are considering the use of used oil as a replacement fuel, be sure your usage fully complies with all federal requirements. Contact Trinity Analytical Laboratories, Inc. for further information.

Acid Mine Drainage and Runoff Testing

Trinity Analytical Laboratories, Inc. services mining and government clients with their extensive acid mine drainage and runoff testing services, all done to rigorous NPDES requirements. Highly personalized service that is fast, flexible, cost-effective, and client driven is available from this premier environmental testing organization. Acid mine runoff as well as storm water, wastewater, leachates, and other drainage streams are subjected to a complete spectrum of testing methodologies including TLCP, BOD, COD, and TSS, to mention only a few. Analytical, environmental quality and safety testing services are available from Trinity Analytical Laboratories, which can also act as a consultant and source of permitting compliance. Testing documentation - levels 1 through 4-takes the form of final reports, QC results, and electronic data deliverable packages in. Trinity Analytical typically works with lead times of three to five days, but same day services are available for emergency situations. EPA, OSH, NIOSH, ASTM, and several state methods are applied when supporting mine drainage and runoff testing projects.

For the complete picture of acid mine drainage and runoff testing services you can expect from Trinity Analytical Laboratories, Inc., contact us directly.

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