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In today's economy, a significantly reduced labor force is required to produce more work then ever before. Take some of the stress and workload out of your busy day. Let Trinity Analytical Labs simplify your job, reduce your headaches, and increase your personal productivity. Here are a few ways we can benefit you today:

  • Decrease analytical costs with Trinity's competitive pricing and volume discounting.
  • Increase personal productivity dramatically with Trinity's industry leading turn-around times (standard 3 and 5-day TATs, not two weeks plus like the other guys) and e-mailed electronic data using .pdf-formatted files.
  • Maximize cost effectiveness by sending samples to one, full-service laboratory.
  • Increase personal safety with pre-preserved and properly labeled sample containers, latex gloves, and protective packaging - all included in Trinity's sampling kits.
  • Minimize sample event preparation with Trinity's complete line of sampling kits.
  • Increase convenience with one call to order sampling kits, schedule analyses and select reporting turn-around time to suit your project needs.
  • Minimize supplies inventory by only ordering sampling kits when you need them. No longer do you need to warehouse a myriad of sample containers, packaging, shipping containers, labels, gloves and all the other paraphernalia associated with sampling.
  • Increase your effectiveness by spending less time worrying about your lab and more time focusing on your responsibilities.
  • Reduce shipping costs because Trinity ships containers and packaging to you free of charge.

Trinity Analytical Laboratories maintains NELAC Accreditation through the State of Kansas, and has reciprocal accreditations in the following additional States:

ArkansasArkansas, KansasKansas and OklahomaOklahoma

Click below to view examples of reports that are produced from our testing services.

Level 1 ReportingLevel 1 Reporting - PCB Oil Test Report

Level 2 ReportingLevel 2 Reporting - Includes Cover Letter and Level I Report information

Level 3 ReportingLevel 3 Reporting - Cover Letter, Basic QC and Results in Convenient Tabular Format

Level 4 ReportingLevel 4 Reporting - Level III information plus Trinity's Extended QC Package for satisfying strict Data Quality Objectives

Chain of Custody FormChain of Custody Form
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